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Trouble-Shooting Guide
Do NOT Reset Your Router

Ensure the following before contacting customer support:

  • No large items including tree branches and other debris are obstructing the dish.

  • There is not an active storm that could temporarily disrupt your connection.

  • The Internet service tower that your internet is connected is not currently down. You can check this by clicking the "Coverage Area" page above. 

  • Checked multiple devices to ensure it is not a device error.

  • Use the router or another device to confirm the electrical outlet used is functioning properly.

  • Find the diagram of your router below, confirm every plug is secured tightly and in the correct port. 

Airucbe no title.png
Deco 1
Deco Router (4).png
Velo 1
Deco Router (7).png
Vilo no Title.png
Aircube 1
Deco Router (2).png
Deco 1
DEco NO title.png
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