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Rural Residential Plans

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$64.99 Per Month

Up to

12 Mbps Download

3 Mpbs Upload

  • 1-3 Devices

  • No Data Limits

  • Best Used For:

    • E-Mails​

    • Social Media

    • Web Browsing

    • Online Shopping

    • Music


$79.99 Per Month

Up to

25 Mbps Download

5 Mbps Upload

  • 4-6 Devices

  • No Data Limits

  • Best Used For:

    • Streaming​

    • Netflix

    • Video Calling

    • Online Homework

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$104.99 Per Month

Up to

50 Mbps download

10 Mbps Upload

  • 7-10 Devices

  • No Data Limits

  • Best Used For:

    • Large Downloads​

    • Small Businesses

    • Online Gaming

    • Working Remotely


FREE Router

  • Total Security: WPA2 (Or Above) encryption allows all users to surf the web safely to ensure a safer online experience.

  • No-Drop WiFi: Mesh Routing ensures all your devices are always connected even as you walk from room to room using a single name and password.

  • Whole Home Coverage: Cover up to 5,800 sq. ft. with seamless, eliminate dead zones and buffering. (Note: Coverage area for 5,800 sq. ft. is with mesh system offered separately at additional cost)

  • Dual Band Connection: Dual band connection allows two separate connections within one router. A 5 GHZ and 2.4 GHZ frequency are emitted to ensure your needs are met. 

Downtown Frankfort

GigaBeam Ultra-Wide Band

Currently only Available in Select Downtown Frankfort Areas
*Business Plans may also be available for Downtown Frankfort Residential Clients*

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Business Basic

$99.99 Per Month

Up to

50 Mbps Download

10 Mpbs Upload

  • No Contracts

  • No Data Limits

  • Best Used For:

    • Small Businesses

  • Based on Individual Business Usage

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Business Pro

$124.99 Per Month

Up to

100 Mbps Download

25 Mbps Upload

  • No Contracts

  • No Data Limits

  • Best Used For:

    • Medium Businesses

  • Based on Individual Business Usage

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Business Executive

$149.99 Per Month

Up to

250 Mbps download

50 Mbps Upload

  • No Contracts

  • No Data Limits

  • Best Used For:

    • Large Businesses

  • Based on Individual Business Usage

Catered Plans Available
With Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I change plans, and does it cost anything extra?

Any time! The only charge associated with switching plans is the possibility of prorated bills for the number of days on each plan IF the change isn’t made on the first day of a new billing cycle.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer discounts to mini-tower site owners when five or more clients are added to our network because of that site. We also offer a one-month discount when a client pays for twelve months in advance. At our discretion, we may apply a discount for service-related issues but cannot speak to a uniform discount policy.

What happens if my equipment breaks?

We maintain ownership and responsibility for all equipment that we install; we fix/replace it at no cost and never charge you (unless it is due to customer abuse/neglect). 

How much does installation cost and what is involved?

Standard installations are the most common and cost $125. This type of setup includes mounting the dish (usually on the home), running wire, and setting up the router/WiFi network. We seal around all drilled holes and mount where we get the best signal; if the best location is not preferred, we may not be able to provide our service. More complicated installations (those requiring more equipment/labor, multiple buildings, etc.) can cost up to $250 if all work is performed in one visit. 

Why am I receiving emails about my billing?

You will receive two emails each month even if you have Autopay set up. Your autopay card will not be charged until the due date of your bill. If the card is valid and has the funds necessary, you can disregard the reminder emails. 

What am I paying for monthly? 

The price you pay each month directly corresponds to the plan that you have chosen. Each plan is categorized by the speeds with which you can access the internet; you pay for speed, NOT volume of internet used. Our plans are truly unlimited, and we never slow you down. 

Service visits are included in the monthly price. You will never be charged for a service visit unless the visit results from abuse/neglect (factory resetting the router, for example). 

NOTE: Network congestion is an uncontrollable variable that can affect speeds/latency. 

How does billing work and what options are there for payment?

We utilize backwards billing which means that you receive the service before you pay for it. We never charge tax or lease fees.

Your first monthly payment is not due until the 31st day of service. Your monthly bill will be due on the same date each month with rare exceptions. The billing invoice is created 10 days before the bill is due and a reminder is sent three days before if the bill has not yet been paid. We can only accept credit/debit payments but both options can be set for autopay. 

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