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Tarana is the industry leader in  fixed-wireless internet. Tarana delivers fiber performance at only a fraction of the cost while not sacrificing reliability. Unlike most fixed wireless, Tarana is capable of providing high speed internet even when physical obstructions such as trees or homes are present. We are thrilled to be the first internet service provider in the state of Kentucky to implement this next-generation technology.

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Spencer County Select Areas

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$64.99 Per Month

Up to

50 Mbps Download

10 Mpbs Upload

  • 1-2 Person Household

  • No Data Limits

  • No Contracts

  • Ideal For:

    • Gaming

    • Homework

    • Working Remotely


$79.99 Per Month

Up to

100 Mbps Download

20 Mbps Upload

  • 3-4 Person Household

  • No Data Limits

  • No Contracts

  • Ideal For:

    • Streaming​

    • Online games

    • Video Calling

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$104.99 Per Month

Up to

250 Mbps download

50 Mbps Upload

  • 5+ Person Household 

  • No Data Limits

  • No Contracts

  • Ideal For:

    • Large Downloads​

    • Businesses

    • Large Households


If your home or business is in this area we may be able to provide you with internet service. If it is not, do not worry, our coverage is constantly expanding. We may be in your area soon. If you would like to see if your location is available for internet, click below. 


Rural Internet 
That Works!

Locally owned and operated, Bluegrass Fiber has been meeting the broadband needs of the hard-to-reach community members in Franklin and surrounding and counting since 2018. Frustrated with practices of other Internet service providers, our mission was simple: Be reliable, Be affordable, Ne Neighborly. Six years later, almost a thousand homes and business are a part of the Bluegrass Fiber family!


A Partnership    

Thanks to the support of the Specer County Fiscal Court, we are happy to announce our arrival in Spencer County with the Launch of our Tarana Wireless network, capable of delivering speeds up to 650 Mbps! Inquire today to see if your home can be among the first in Kentucky connected to the Tarana Network!

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