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Hello, This is Us

Bluegrass Fiber, LLC is a Kentucky Company and a full-service Internet and IT (Information Technology) services provider. We are dedicated to helping anyone with dreams to achieve success through using internet and computer technology.  Based out of Central Kentucky, we are the first Kentucky WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) to bring fixed broadband wireless internet to the Franklin County areas, and continue to lead the way in bringing faster Internet access to many areas of Central Kentucky.  Through embracing the latest of technologies, efficient management of operations, and reinventing itself as a form of smart growth, Bluegrass Fiber has managed to flourish where other independent ISP and IT service companies have floundered. Bluegrass Fiber is committed to thinking outside the box and never failing to evolve.

Our Story

Bluegrass Fiber got it's start when late owner Roy Collins' III moved to rural Kentucky after living in urban Frankfort for most of his life, after his move he realized that he had taken one aspect of city-life for granted, "The Internet". This desire to provide himself with higher quality internet than what was available to him became the foundation for Bluegrass Fiber's business model "Bringing you up to speed!" Roy and Michael Shaw co-owned and cultivated Bluegrass Fiber from the ground up, making it their mission to take their skills and experience to bring high-speed internet to more people than just Roy. 

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